Why RockinGuitarLessons.com?

  • Fun, relaxed no-nonsense approach to playing guitar
  • Take the fear out of learning
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fast results in a fraction of the time…no matter what
    level of player you are

No matter what styles of music you want to get into or whatever your age might be, with RockinGuitarLessons.com you are able to learn to play the guitar even if you have never played before. We will teach you the basics such as how to hold your guitar, how to tune your guitar, hand positions, fretting and picking techniques, chords, scales, and more. You can start with the fundamentals or for the more experienced, start at the intermediate, advanced and even pro level. You will learn the styles of guitar playing such as classical, blues, jazz, rock, country and more, along with the different techniques such as hand tapping, bends, hammer ons and pull offs.